Medico Wellness : Movement Preps for Your Warm Ups

It’s quite amazing how much science goes into today’s fitness. Which is a stark contrast to just 10 years ago.

I remember back in school P.E. (Physical Education) lessons consisting of random running around + holding funny stretches for 8 counts. Don’t ask me why, but it was always 8 counts. Oh well…….. maybe P.E. teachers couldn’t count double figures. Kidding of course.

Right, coming back to topic. A good warm-up helps you

  • Reduce the risk of injuries when you exercise
  • Push harder and benefit more from your workout

And in today’s fitness literature, MOVEMENT PREPS are the way to go – most of the time. Movement preps are great for warm-ups because they:

  • “Wake-up your muscles by activating neuro pathways (brain-muscle control)
  • Actively take your joints through your available ROM (Range of motion)
  • Get nutrients to the working muscles by increasing blood flow and heart rate

There are 3 movement preps in the video above: Plank calf stretch, Lunge elbow to instep rotate, and Inchworm. These are all great preparations for lower body-centric workouts or activities (Running, football, squats, lunges, etc)

Its a worthwhile “investment”. You watch pro-sprinters warming up 15 WHOLE minutes for a 10 second sprint. Just a mere 5 minutes of good prep can help us get 15-30% more from our workouts.

Try them!


Prepared By : Kang Sheng Low (Medico Fitness Trainer)