Medico Health Info : World Kidney Day

Kidney disease often is symptomless until it is at the advance stage. What puts you at risk for kidney disease? Major risks factors include diabetes, hypertension, familyhistory of kidney failure and being age 60 or older.

Symptoms of Kidney Disease (usually at the advance stage) :

• Vomiting or feeling like vomiting
• Peeing more than normal or less often
• Foam in pee
• Swelling at the ankles or puffiness around the eyes
• Tired or shortness of breath
• Unable to taste much or do not feel like eating
• Muscle cramps especially at the legs
• Have very dry & itchy skin
• Not sleeping well
• Unexplained weight loss

Treatment of Kidney Disease

The goal to managing chronic kidney disease is to slow down the deterioration so that the kidneys can still function to filter waste and extra water out from blood into the urine. Choice of treatment depends on the findings of what caused the kidney disease. If it is due to Diabetes or Hypertension, medications can be given together with diet changes. If kidneys do not work anymore, then dialysis or kidney transplant will be considered.


To reduce the chances of getting kidney disease, focus must be on these 2 conditions: Diabetes & Hypertension. By getting the proper diagnosis and medications will spare the kidneys from the extra wear and tear that high blood sugar levels or high blood pressure cause over time. Do regular urine/blood/blood pressure tests, eating a healthy diet low in salt/fat and high in fibre will ensure a good kidney function.