Medico Wellness : 3 Tips For Fitness Motivation

Gym motivational quotes have been floating around since…….. well since gyms started. Ever seen these quotes that so often float in front of your facebook newfeed or google search?

“Set goals and smash them!”
“No pain, No gain!”
“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done!”

But coach, aren’t things are ALWAYS easier said than done? – AGREED!

In today’s age of instant gratification, it’s easy to lose motivation when results don’t come immediately. What would you do when you lose sight of your goals?

Here are 3 tips that we found to be effective

• CONNECT with your REASON
There’s always a reason you started with something. Maybe it was because your doctor told you to, maybe you wanted to feel more confident, or maybe it was just to live healthier.
Whatever your reason was, let it sink in and make it mean something to you emotionally. Your reason has got to tug at your heartstrings to make you want to work for it.

So what if you only did half of your planned workout? Heck you made it to the gym. That’s an achievement in itself – Be proud of it!
Over the years as a coach, I’ve found that people who found love in the “smaller things” achieved lasting changes. Things like enjoying the conversations with the people in the gym, or the feel-good factor after completing any workout easy or difficult.
So ditch weighing yourself and give youself some real LOVE.

Everybody has good and bad days. Let bygones be bygones by channeling any guilt you might have had from a bad training day to drive you today.
No race is won without pit-stops, so make yours count to the fullest.
Having more “good days” than “bad days” is already a recipe for progress.

Prepared By : Kang Sheng Low (Medico Fitness Trainer)